They use PBNs as part of their digital growth strategy

We have listed the typical customer profiles to show you how each profile can benefit from Youdot and achieve its goals!


Whatever your expertise and/or the size of your blog network, discover the SEO professionals who use PBNs.

360 Web Agency

  • You sell SEO services in upselling to your recurring customers and you want to control your sourcing netlinking.
  • You internally manage a network of about ten blogs that you have referenced in the netlinking sales catalogs.
  • You want to deploy shared PBNs, with generic and broad themes to improve your ROI.
  • You do not master the technical maintenance of a PBN, and even less the problems relates to footprints.
  • You like to be able to centralize your article orders as well as the follow-up of invoicing.

SEO Agency or consultant

  • You offer dedicated PBNs or contextualized backlinks to your customers in order to rethink their link profiles or give a boost to the start of a new project.
  • You strengthen your PBN (Tier 2, Tier 3...) continuously and in depth or deploy a new competitive theme.
  • You need to diversify the network structure, limiting footprints.
  • You like to test indexing, make a PBN domain live before starting to monetize it.
  • You like to be able to order in a few clicks your sold sponsored items.


Find out what motivates our expert clients to create a blog network with Youdot.

Blogger & Netlinker

Generate passive income with the sale of backlinks from your PBN sites. No need to get your hands dirty, Youdot saves you time and money.


Use this growth hacking technique that is the PBN to save time in the positioning and visibility of your company on Google and search engines.

E-commerce websites & Niche websites

Reinforce the authority of your merchant site by securing its notoriety thanks to a PBN where you control 100% of the netlinking.

sassico testimonial image

With Youdot’s help, I worked on external sites with high added value, which gave quality information: I obtained a powerful PBN. I focused on quality rather than quantity by relying on the power of Youdot's tool.

Emmanuel de Vauxmoret

Founder of Uplix

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Youdot offers a very complete and multilingual choice of domains, as well as a complementary content service that is very interesting from an efficiency standpoint for an agency that works with clients as well as with website projects with affiliate monetization. The service is also very personalized and friendly.

David Carralón

Founder of Digitalico Media

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After giving me good advice while choosing my expired domains, I opted for Youdot's PBN subscription and I am fully satisfied. Youdot took care of creating optimized sites with SEO articles and custom logos for each one. I can have peace of mind and focus on other tasks since they make sure to add content on a regular basis.


Smatte Marketing SEO Technique administrator

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Youdot is not only a turnkey service, but also a responsive team that is truly attentive to our needs.

Yannick Socquet

Director of SEO Agency Brioude Internet

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Youdot allows you to create a functional turnkey blog in only a few clicks, with preloaded topical articles; which easily increases its authority. In addition, the blog is visually attractive and articles are regularly added without any action on our part. Well done!

Gregory Moulis

IS Engineer for the Itaia IT maintenance agency

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Youdot has become an integral part of our SEO strategy. Buying domain names is simple and intuitive, and Youdot's custom blogging offer allows me to stay focused on my work without having to worry about having articles written regularly on my blogs.

Samuel Rondot

CEO of IT Peakfirms marketing agency

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We appreciate Youdot for the variety and quality of the domains provided in our sector, but also the concept of "turnkey" offer when we have to monitor a large number of domains.

Sébastien Couix

CEO of Visamundi agency

Quality service, delivered on time. I recommend it!

M. Cheblal

Manager of